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The Ballroom Blitz, Fox on The Run, Action,Teenage Rampage, Hellraiser, Blockbuster, The Six Teens, Love is Like Oxygen, Turn it Down, Wig-Wam Bam, Little Willy, Funny Funny, Poppa Joe, Co Co, Set me Free, Ac Dc, Peppermint Twist, Lost Angels, Fever of Love, The Lies in Your Eyes, Stairway To The Stars, California Nights, Call Me, It's It's The Sweet Mix, Sweet 2th
and that's just the singles.

Over 55 million records sold worldwide.

34 number 1 hits worldwide.

Still touring & performing to sell out audiences worldwide.
New York Connection - Sweet
"Without The Sweet there would not have been a KISS" - Gene Simmons.

"We wanted to be The Sweet" - Nikki Sixx - Mötley Crüe.

"This is the band I wish I had been in" - Joe Elliot - Def Leppard.
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