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Yule bLog
by Andy 19.12.2011
Merry Christmas to one and all. Sorry about the Dickensian salutation but it seems appropriate at the moment when recession and cuts are the buzz words and more strikes seem inevitable, it's beginning to feel like the 1970s all over again! The stores in our area must be feeling it because my ventures into Christmas shopping have been relatively painless. None of the usual argy-bargy - no-one seems to have sold out of anything, there are no queues and you can park fairly easily. Well except for one incident earlier this week when I went to John Lewis in Swindon and got harangued by a couple of women with people carriers for parking my "flash car" in the wrong place. They didn't appreciate my attempt at witty badinage though it seems the Parking Police use pushchairs as a disguise these days. There are far more important issues in the world to get het up about but I fear the moment of reason had passed by. So I thought, Merry Christmas, even to all harridans, this is the season of goodwill.

Only one show this month, The Golden Years Show at the Palais de Sport in Antwerp. This is a big arena with an enthusiastic sell-out crowd and usually an eclectic mix of acts on the bill which included Alvin Stardust, the Rubettes and Slade. Sweet were the finale and everyone came on stage to help out with a medley of our latest single "Join Together" and "Rocking All Over The World". A good night had by all. I ended up using a cable on the show after my wireless system started to sound like Norman Collier, I felt like the bass player in Judas Priest, short cable syndrome!

My local has an Early Doors club whose members include Landed Gentry, the Hunting/Fishing fraternity, Builders, Lawyers, a Superstar's Sound Technician and an ageing Rockstar. We are all profoundly saddened at the sudden loss of one of our kind, a much loved man, Keith. My friend, as they say in Russia - Moscow.

The weather has been threatening to deliver a White Christmas so there is only one thing to say.......

Merry Christmas - see you in 2012.
Pete Lincoln Sweet Blog photo
Moscow traffic and Silly Knob Songs
by Pete 20.11.2011
Dear peeps

No theme to this blog entry  - just the aimless meanderings of the tired mind of a musician who hasn't seen too much of home recently.

Why do we pay to go up tall buildings and put money into binoculars so we can look at things on the ground below?

Sitting in a hotel on the outskirts of Schwalmstadt, Germany, pre-dinner and pre-gig. This will be the penultimate Sweet show for 2011, and the last in a fairly busy period.  Tony and I will be the first to leave tomorrow to catch early flights from Frankfurt Airport.

Why is it that when I blow in my dog's face she goes crazy - but when I take her in the car she sticks her head out of the window!

After we returned from our Swedish trip we paid Moscow a fleeting visit.  Welcome to the most expensive city in the world . . . and you're welcome to it!  With a modest population of some twenty million it's one crazy place and the word 'traffic' was invented for it.  I can honestly say that with the volume of vehicles there coupled with an apparent disregard for personal safety and an absence of anything resembling a highway code, Moscow makes rush hour at The Arc De Triomphe in Paris seem like childsplay!

We were there to perform for a corporate party.  This type of show can, by its nature, often be fairly tame, but we were well looked after and had the pleasure of meeting Arsenal FC's Andrei Arshavin, back home for International duties.  He cut a rather small figure at our dressing room door as he was accompanied by Russian Heavyweight Boxing Champion Nikolai Valuev.  I can honestly say that he's the biggest and scariest bloke I've ever seen!  Check him out

Four hours time difference really messes with your head when you're only away for a few days and with just one day back at home we were off to Germany once more for a couple of great shows last weekend in Lubeck and Oerlinghausen.  And here we are back again already!

Why do they call it an asteroid when it's outside the hemisphere, but call it a hemorrhoid when it's in your ass ?  (Sorry Suz - don't think you can translate that one!)

One more thing which may or may not be of interest; there's a great new game afoot on Facebook called 
Silly Knob Songs, the object of which is to replace the word love, when it appears in a song title or lyric, with the word knob. So - Endless Love becomes Endless Knob, Love In An Elevator . . . Knob In An Elevator Simples!  There are other code words to be added as time goes on . . . fun for all the family - so check it out and join in!

Anyway that's about it from me.  Something a little more stimulating next time I hope.  Right now I'm looking forward to Christmas with the family.  What other time of the year do you sit in front of a dead tree and eat tangerines and nuts out of your socks?

Pete x
Tony O
The Lighter Side
by Tony 07.11.2011
Greetings blogees!

This week's update comes to you aboard Aeroflot flight 0230 to Moscow - you've gotta love the iPad!

Andy has given a nice recollection of our visit to Sweden last week; lots of darkness.
With the clocks having gone back in the UK I am now finding that I spend most of my time in the dark (I'm sure lots of people like to keep me that way). But, let's face it, at this time of year it's easy to get the blues - da na Na na na Na!

I always have fond memories of Sweden - the appreciation level is always great whether we play on boats, in hotels, bars or festival concerts. My last visit there had been in 2006 when we played at the Sweden Rock festival. That memory of a great performance and wonderful crowd is still one of my career highlights. This recent mini tour allowed us to play some more intimate shows and catch up with some really nice friends and remember some hectic times that we have shared...

What I love most about the Swedish mentality is that they are so positively minded and I came home thinking that there is a lot to be said for that. Don't get me wrong, I like a good moan and whinge as much as the next man (apart from Bruce who is in a league of his own in this area) but life Is far too short to waste time looking for the negatives; it's bad for you.

One of the main requirements for enduring road travel is the constant ability to keep one's self entertained and sane whilst catching several flights or travelling for 6 hours a day under grey Swedish skies as we did last weekend. And it was at this time (trapped in a bus) that it became very clear. Bruce was telling one of his always funny stories and even though I had heard this one before I laughed so hard I though I was going to actually die, Pete (who is no less a raconteur) was gasping and Andy was bobbing up and down in his seat.

What was happening here folks was pure synchronous enjoyment that comes from being in the company of people you love. No drug, alcohol or any other substance can make you feel the same. Having had the weekend off, I had the same experience magnified by simply having time to spend with my girls. Simply by looking for the good things and allowing myself to be more playful we had one of the best weekends as a family.
I haven't laughed as much in years.

So, when you are feeling frustrated or someone is pushing your buttons and the rage monster is waking from it's cage, take a moment to step outside yourself and question "How much does this really matter in the great scheme of things?". Think of those people who really matter to you and more often than not you will be able to laugh at the insignificance of the matter. Sometimes though, you may have to punch someone on the nose!

When all you see are sticks and stones
Don't let them break your funny bone!

Andy Scott Sweet Blog photo
by Andy 01.11.2011
When we landed at 15.00 in Lulea, Northern Sweden, last week to start our short tour you would have sworn it was early evening. Northern Lights? Where was the daylight? Yes it was misty but it was quite dark. This was compounded the following morning when I woke up in complete darkness and decided it was too early to get up only to look at my watch and discover that it was 09.30 and had therefore missed breakfast. This part of Europe near the Arctic Circle is surreal to say the least and the shows proved to be similar. We have played shows here in both winter and summer but the experience is still overwhelming when you realise that winter is six months of night and summer is six months of day! That said, the shows were really good, especially Ornskoldvik where Sweet certainly lit up the town on Friday. I gather the venue in Gavle on Saturday was not easily found so it was good to see so many familiar faces in the comfortable crowd. I was told that quite a few had travelled many miles, even flew in from Germany, Holland and Denmark. Now that is dedication. The venue in Gavle used to be a train station though what it is used for on a regular basis we had no idea - maybe the highwire and trapeze in the gods was a clue. The final oddity in the saga was the choice of poster for the shows - it featured Pete Lincoln and myself singing on stage with the Doobie Brothers! The photo was taken earlier in the year in Australia and we have no idea how it came to be used in this way but rest assured the show must go on, Doobies or not! We left Sweden in twilight on Sunday, even the clocks going back made little difference, now we look forward to some daylight shows in the summer.

      Sweet on Twitter. The first "tw*ts" sorry "tweets" are out there. I will try to keep them as interesting as possible but 140 characters is a bit limiting especially if one is Welsh 
      - Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch !!!

PS  Movember is here. I won't be growing a moustache this month for prostate cancer charity but I applaud all of you who do so. The reason? My father sported a fabulous "handlebar moustache" and I was never able to compete so my moustache will be a "stealth" version - it is there but you can't see it.

Bruce bisland Sweet blog photo
by Bruce 22.10.2011
First off I'd like to say it's great having one of my best mates back in the band and along with another two of my best mates I think it's fair to say we haven't stopped laughing since our first rehearsal. With a few gigs now under our belt we are starting to realise the vocal potential of having two great singers in the band especially when added to the unbelievable high notes that Andy is still belting out. There is definitely a sense of a new beginning around the band and the crew which started with the release of our new single and the plan is now for more recording and more touring on a larger scale.There are some exciting projects on the horizon for 2012 and we will be spending the next couple of months preparing for the year ahead as well as playing our last live shows of 2011.

I am also working on ideas for my website which will be fundamentally a load of frivolous snippets of information that I have picked up in my other profession, that of couch potato. For example did you know that when you eat sushi you are supposed to turn it over so that the fish is at the bottom of the little brick of rice then dip it in the soy sauce and place it in your mouth so that the fish and sauce are on your tongue? Let me tell you dear blogee that I have tested this theory for you with no thought for my own safety and can report that it really works, well it makes sense when you think about it. Anyway I have lot's more rubbish like that in the pipeline and it will usually have something to do with food.

Onwards and upwards

Andy Scott Sweet Blog photo
by Andy 17.10.2011
Hiraeth is a Welsh word that is difficult to translate into English. It covers a multitude of emotions from "Homesickness" to "National Pride" - it is the feeling inside when I return to Wales after a long absence, a feeling of belonging, this is where my roots are, where I am from and I am proud to be Welsh. It is why I get tearful when singing the Welsh National Anthem -  "Mae Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau" - pure passion. So with the best will in the world I am still trying to come to terms with the fact that Wales lost 8-9 to France in the Rugby World Cup semi-finals and therefore will not face the All-Blacks in the final. Added to this travel arrangements this weekend conspired against me which found the band on a BA flight to Munich as the match was kicking off in New Zealand hence I missed one of the most important matches in years. Oh of course there are the TV highlights though not in Europe, the i-players don't work outside of the UK. Everyone to a man felt that Wales, even with only 14 men, deserved to win, well everyone but the French coach. There won't be a welcome in the hill-sides for the referee of that I have no doubt! I grew up with Welsh Rugby in the heyday of the 1970s whose players were the backbone of the British Lions and the Barbarians on the tours of the Southern Hemisphere. Now if there had been a World Cup back then... well one can dream. Wales as a nation can be proud of the achievement of such a young team, emphasis on the "young" and at the next World Cup in England in 2015 the World had better watch out!

Welsh sport is on the up especially football [soccer to those of you not in Europe]. Even my home team of Wrexham are languishing at the top of the Blue Square Premiership at the moment which makes them 93rd in the football league of 92! Work that one out. I have only been to one match this season and they lost so I figure if I don't go to too many games they should continue with the winning streak and get promotion back into the league proper. Come on you Reds!

On the flight back to London the Sunday papers were full of juicy titbits surrounding the Defence Minister, Liam Fox's resignation. One of the items alleged that "Fox On The Run" by Sweet was to be heard in the hallowed corridors of the Houses of Parliament following Dr Fox's announcement, a lyrical play on words perhaps or was someone caught whistling the tune? Either way we are available for the Christmas Party should we be offered the gig!

Pete Lincoln Sweet Blog photo
by Pete 10.10.2011
Following last Monday's fantastic open-air show for the Tag Der Deutschen Einheit (reunification) celebrations in Bonn, I set off on a three day whistle-stop tour of German radio stations to promote the release of the band's new single - Join Together.  Accompanied by our trusty tour manager Stefan Mühl, I recorded nine interviews in two days - some short and Sweet . . . some in-depth.

The first one at
Antenne Koblenz went over fairly swiftly then we arrived at Radio Fortuna in Offenbach.  The DJ - Martin - explained that he wanted to break the twenty minute interview into four sections with a piece of music at the end of each.  I prepared myself for a right old grilling.  After twenty minutes discussion he informed us that this was the end of the first section and we would now move on to the second.  Ahhhhh  the penny dropped . . . not four five-minutes then, but four twenty-minute pieces!    We kindly explained that we needed to be on our way and Martin then managed to cram his important questions into one more chunk!!

Later that day we visited
Rockland Radio in Mainz, where we met the delightful Alexandra Philips, and finished the day at Classic Rock Radio in Saarbruchen where I performed an impromptu acoustic version of Join Together for their internet Radio site.  You can watch this if you dare on Classic Rock Radio. If they have removed the piece then I'm sure you can find it on YouTube.

So that was Tuesday.  Wednesday followed a similar pattern culminating in a lovely interview with Jan Zipperer at
Die Neue Welle in Karlsruhe and a TV interview for Baden TV.

Andy flew out on Thursday morning to join me for interviews with
Radio Ton in Heilbronn and finally Die Neue 107.7 in Stuttgart where we both really enjoyed our 'double act'!  The single was officially released on Friday so here's hoping that it receives a massive helping hand into the world from all those radio stations we visited!

Some of you may know that I have been endorsed by the German musical instrument manufacturer Hohner, and I am now using their wonderful, if slightly strange,
headless basses.  Well, on Friday, Andy, Stefan and I went off to meet the guys at the Hohner factory based in Trossingen.  Our main contact there is a great guy called Wolfgang Winter who deals with all things connected with guitars.  However, we were met by a whole team of folks who gave us a very interesting guided tour of their harmonica-making production line.  So we all now know the intricate processes involved in harmonica manufacture.  There are guys who fine tune the little reeds by hand and a woman who tests each instrument at the end by sending air through it and putting it either on the good pile . . . or the no good pile . . . and they produce bloody millions of these things!!!!

Anyway - later, after a photo session in which I had to jump around wearing a bass and pretend that I was on a live gig . . . not easy with an audience of only Andy, Stefan and Wolfgang - I was presented with another
new bass which I used on the show that night in Wendlingen.  It sounded fab and played wonderfully - so many thanks to Wolfgang and the team!

Next time I'm going to grab a Ukelele . . . 

See you on the road

Pete x
Tony O
by Tony 02.10.2011
As you probably know, I was the singer/bass player for The Sweet from early 2003 until 2006. Towards the end of these fantastic years on the road with what was a very close family and a phenomenal band, I had to make the unfortunate decision to leave. This decision was based (at the time) on long term security goals for my family and was also persuaded by my then newly offered position at a Music College in Birmingham which I still hold. I felt very torn at the time and it was (and is publicly known) the hardest decision I have ever had to make.

Over the past few years, the band (and Pete) have kindly asked me to step in when Pete has had other commitments and I have always jumped at the chance. For this reason, I have had the pleasure of performing with the band during a number of summer festivals over the past few years (although they seem to book 2 gigs with private planes in between when I am around lol).

While I was away performing with the band in July I got the impression that Steve might be leaving and although at that time I wouldn’t probably have been interested it was suggested that I would be a good replacement as I was part of the extended family (this gets extremely important the older you get – better the devil you know). Considering that I originally had left the band for a ‘secure’ life, this was a difficult question to answer and complicated further when Andy invited me to sing backing vocals on Join Together.

However, I had just been through the whole process of treatment for Breast Cancer with my beloved fiancée Manuela and this really made me realise that we can’t always plan everything for the future as Mother Nature has a unique way of kicking you when you least expect it!

I have to tell you that I was delighted and terrified by the thought of joining the band again. Delighted, because I love Sweet and the family that it consists of. Terrified, because Steve Grant is such an eloquent and talented musician; his role would always be difficult to take on. But, more importantly, I needed Manuela to understand what this opportunity meant to me and she has been (as always) amazingly humble and supportive of this new venture despite what she has been through.

So, it is with big shoes to fill, big hearts to support and big friendly faces that I am looking forward to seeing that I say:

I am delighted and honoured to be a part of The Sweet again.

I look forward to meeting you again on the road and never forget what the music means to you.

Be happy now...Life is far too short

Rock On!
Andy Scott Sweet Blog photo
by Andy 26.09.2011
The band and I would like to formally welcome Tony back into the Sweet. I think those of you who were at the shows last weekend in the UK were surprised and pleased with our "new" guy. However change is sometimes inevitable and it is with some sadness that Steve Grant leaves the band but we wish him every success with his Barockestra and any future projects. I do believe it will be a positive outcome for everyone.

It was really good to see so many of you still making the trek to the annual unofficial UK Sweet meet & greet at the Robin in Bilston. Sweet and audience both in fine form, in fact the look on peoples faces and length of the applause after the first song said it all. Many thanks to the guys at the venue for making it all run smoothly once again. Here's to 2012! The 70s weekend in Suffolk however had a different feel to it. One of the national newspapers [rhymes with currant bun] apparently advertised it as an over 70s weekend so I will just leave that scenario to drill its way into the imagination!

"Join Together" will be available for download on 7th October - even I have got to grips with this so best get downloading, you never know it may even make the charts. Well you never know do you? Your reaction has been fantastic and has given us the desire to produce some new recordings in the very near future. My time as a record producer in the old traditional sense may have passed but I still have "ears" and I intend to use them. Someone else can push the buttons - Damian? Cal?

I am officially a traveller, of sorts. A Journeyman. Well I now have a caravan, not just a caravan but a "posh" caravan but it is still a caravan and you tow it! Mates have started calling me a shed-puller and worse. I don't wish to be associated with all that this entails, the long haired beer drinking types - OK let me rephrase that. The plan is to get out into the bits of Britain that one hasn't explored, visit ancient monuments, eye-wateringly beautiful scenery, unspoiled coastline and of course some pubs. I may go fishing and attempt to cook the catch. Whatever the pursuit for the great outdoors the underlying motive has to be health. Great big skies and lungs full of ozone. However if you see me struggling in any way please help but if I am at peace enjoying the day then please leave me to it because it doesn't happen that often.

Many asked after my health at Bilston and I can report that test results are really good. This is not to say that it is over just that I am in good shape for the future. Many thanks, your concern is much appreciated.

Andy Scott Sweet Blog photo
by Andy 01.08.2011
The last couple of months have been fairly hectic with the usual blend of high energy, extreme fatigue, drama and frivolity. The shows performed have focussed on the GAS countries, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland with a nice mix of Festivals, Open-Airs and Classic Rock Nights. The weekend before last was the perfect illustration. Friday night at the old West Berlin Airport, Templehof, brought back many vivid memories for me. This building was one of the biggest on earth at the time when we used to fly in and out in the 1970s and I am reliably informed that there is as much below ground as there is above [during WW11 this must have been useful!] Templehof sadly is no longer used as an airport so it's new viability now depends on Exhibitions and naturally, Rock Concerts. So there we were in the driving rain, luckily the stage and audience area were under the huge open sided arched roof, performing to an enthusiastic crowd nevertheless.

Next day we flew to Munich to be part of the Arcobrau Classic Rock Night [in the Arcobrau brewery!] alongside our old mates Manfred Mann's Earth Band and Ten Years After. We played earlyish because we had a second show later in the evening in Switzerland, near Zurich. This involved taking an 8 seater plane from a small airfield at Straubing in Germany to Zurich International, expertly flown in rather windy conditions, an experience not to be forgotten in a hurry. We arrived at a very wet Open-Air venue but once again a very appreciative crowd and we didn't get off stage until 1 am, which is definitely not part of our normal regime but well worth it. An action packed and extremely tiring but enjoyable time was had by all.

You will have noticed that "" has a new look. I would like to offer huge thanks to my son Damian for his talent in the building of the site and to Kevin Smith, Stewart Roney and Michael Damkvist for their help and advice, not forgetting Susanne Kursawe for her translation into German and Tamara Feyerabend for her great photographs.

Big thanks to the band for their input and ongoing dedication to making the Sweet a band for the future not just the past. This has come to fruition with the soon to be released "Join Together", the first of many new recordings from the band in almost 10 years. We performed the song on ZDF "Fernsehgarten" on 17th July and have had an overwhelming response so watch this space. We also appeared on RTL "Ultimate Chart Show" performing "Teenage Rampage" which was broadcast on 29th July and thankfully we were in the number 1 position yet again.

I had been suffering with an hernia in April/May and really needed to get it fixed so a two week period was ear-marked for the beginning of June to include a quick op and minimum recuperation. The treatment and recovery has been excellent though the op should have been keyhole, in execution it was not - I now have a scar that resembles the Mercedes-Benz three-pointed star surrounding my navel, maybe I should be looking for sponsorship.

To infinity and beyond,


PS - I have some sad news about Spike. He was diagnosed with cancer so the trip to the vet was his last. He now rests in the paddock behind the barn where he used to terrorise the local wildlife which I guess is destiny. I miss him.
Andy Scott Sweet Blog photo
by Andy 20.04.2011
As usual our recent trip to Australia was brilliant. It was an 8-day Blitz!  We left Heathrow late on Sunday 13th March for Perth, via Singapore, arriving in the early hours of Tuesday 15th.  Where did the 14th go?

We were met by our rather non-sartorial/casually dressed promoter Les, who after the usual pleasantries, proceeded to give us an unscheduled tour of the parking area before launching us on to the highway and into town.  We had turned left on to the plane so we were generally not feeling the effects of jetlag we had experienced previously and anyway, we had 2 days before the first show.

17th March - Regal Theatre, Perth

Our TM was Mike Power who took care of our personal requirements whilst appearing with an acoustic guitar as our support act, banging out a plethora of great rock songs to genuine applause (killed two birds with one stone - genius).

We had not played in Perth for 15 years so when we hit the stage I should not have been surprised by the reaction of the crowd - it was amazing and never let up the whole 90 minutes.  After the show an autograph/meet & greet session was hastily arranged in the foyer and what should have been a quick affair turned into us shaking hands with almost the whole audience! Why was I surprised?

18th March - Bunbury Entertainment Centre

Drive an hour or so south of Perth towards one my favourite Wineries, Leeuwins Estates, and you will find Bunbury.  Sweet played here in the 80s and the 90s on our previous and aptly named Bar-Room Blitz Tours.  The venue was packed and the show virtually a re-run of last night - meet & greet et al.  Promoter Les had a huge grin on his face and I can confirm that we will return.

20th March - Clipsal 500, Adelaide Racetrack

A crack of dawn start for the band and an even earlier one for the crew - Soundcheck!  That done, back to bed for a couple of hours, watching the race on TV (I did have a VIP Pass for the race itself, thanks Amanda, but decided it was more important to get some rest and it had started to rain on and off, not a good combination).

It had begun to rain again when we arrived Backstage making things under the tented area a little messy but, no matter, the show must go on.  
Rogue’s Gallery were on stage directly before us and they were great!  Featuring Jimmy Barnes’ brother John (Swanee) Swan on vocals (we had done shows with him previously in Oz)  and the Brewster Brothers (Rick and John) from the Angels (Sweet recorded “Am I ever gonna see your face again” in the 90s, written by these guys!).  Loads of hugging and photos afterwards.

When we took to the stage we took the place by storm.  It stopped raining during the opening chords of
Hellraiser - it was almost biblical! A shortened set to accommodate but nevertheless every song we played was a major hit (including “Peppermint Twist”) and the crowd, the organisers, other bands and ourselves were pretty pleased with the performance which was recorded for posterity.  As if by other worldly control the heavens opened again during the outro of Blitz - cue X-files theme.

The Doobie Brothers are an impressive band and a hard act to follow, which is why Pete Lincoln and I spent a fair amount of their set on the side of the stage.  I heard the first Doobies album in the mid 70s and was a fan immediately, having earlier blurted those words to Pat Simmonds imagine my surprise when he invited me to join them on stage for the encore, “Listen to the music”, I grabbed Pete and before we knew it there we were singing harmonies with the Doobie Brothers in front of a rather large crowd and it had stopped raining!  Pat inferred that I could have a job singing with the band, such a gentleman as was proved with the email I received sitting in the Qantas lounge in Adelaide airport, waiting for the flight home.

March was one those months, from Germany to Poland to Australia and back to Switzerland!
Our sleeping patterns seem back to normal and we now have some down time through Easter before a couple of Rock Shows with our old mates “
Heep”.  I must say I am looking forward to that.

A big thanks to those of you who still seem concerned for my health, I am feeling good and glad to be back on stage but your concern is much appreciated.

Andy Scott Sweet Blog photo
by Andy 23.02.2011
They say you shouldn’t meet your heroes but to live life that way would be unadventurous to say the least. Most of my heroes are of the sporting kind and I have been lucky enough to have met many of them.

At Wrexham FC over the years, I have been in the board room in the company of  Bill Shankly, everyone hanging on his pearls of wisdom [”
Football’s not a matter of life and death it’s far more important than that!”], Tommy Docherty, a brilliant raconteur, so imagine my surprise a week ago when I was in the presence of Sir Alex Ferguson. He and Mike Phelan were at Wrexham to watch their upcoming FA Cup opponents, Crawley Town.

At half-time Sir Alex was very nice to me while I played the sycophant and though he had probably heard it all before seemed interested especially when the conversation turned to horses. My chat with Mike was better as he reminded me that he played in the European Cup Winners Cup game against Wrexham in 1990, United winning by an aggregate score 5-0 across the two legs. I was at those games and Wrexham’s exciting forays into Europe as Welsh Cup holders brought back fantastic memories until UEFA closed the door in 1995.

So you see, all of us have that hero moment so I suggest you grab it when you can. As Kevin once told me, the first time he ever met
The Sweet Mick told him to get out of the way and if that is the worst thing that could happen I think it’s worth the risk!

Andy Scott Sweet Blog photo
by Andy 30.01.2011
Happy New Year!

It is just over a year since my last post and just about a year since I embarked on the journey which began on 1st February 2010 with my HDR Treatment for T3 Prostate Cancer. The first half of the year was written off for me workwise but the positives of coming through and taking the stage again in July were worth every step of this rollercoaster ride.

I did make a brief return during this period, beginning of April, a couple of shows in Germany with
Foreigner, Barclay James Harvest and Nazareth. The Icelandic Volcanic Ash Cloud was hovering and the day we flew out all the airports closed AFTER our flight [so no way back]. Add to this my health issues and subsequent panic, I very quickly realised that I had made my comeback far too soon.

Now the good bit,
BJH had made the trip in a Nightliner Bus and luckily there was space for The Sweet to return to the UK, happy ending - panic over, with huge thanks to Les Holroyd and the guys.

You may have seen my TV Ads for
Van Compare and tongue-in cheek as they may be, they seem to have stirred up a certain amount of controversy here and there. To put it into some kind of perspective, I never thought that on reaching 60 I would be invited to appear in TV Ads, something I have not done previously. I have had a go at TV presentation a while back, also had Andy Scott’s Sweet Sounds of the 70s for the good old BBC not so long ago, but TV Ads? When Paul, Van Compare’s boss, approached me with idea to use Sweet’s music in the Ads I had to agree. Good publicity for both sides. So I say to any detractors, I can now see why so many household names do adverts because the reward for a day or two’s work eases the conscience.

Sweet are returning to Australia in March to perform at the Clipsal 500 in Adelaide with
The Doobie Brothers. All the hard work put in by our promoter friends in Adelaide has paid off. Their determination in the way they resurrected the tour in 2009 and turned it around to make it a success, has put us on solid ground for the future. We salute you!

Europe is bread and butter to us as a touring band and as such our schedule reflects this. UK is a strange place for nostalgia, you only have to look at TV listings to come to the conclusion that if you are of a certain age only “
Later with Jools” has any music content worth investigating, just don’t get me started on the subject of axing “TOTP”. Concentrating on the positive, we will be announcing a “Robin” show soon.

I am getting back to full health gradually and looking forward to seeing you all at a venue in a city or town near you very soon.

Good Health,

Age - immaterial!

RIP - Gerry Rafferty. His song “
Baker Street” beat my own “Love is Like Oxygen” to the Ivor Novello Award for Best Song in 1978. He will not be forgotten - music of this quality lives on forever.

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