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by Andy 05.01.2010
I want to send my warmest congratulations to Francis and Rick for their recognition in the New Years Honours List. They fully deserve it. When we all joined or formed bands in the 60s we did so to be different, not part of the establishment. Therefore their OBEs take on a new focus and confirm that we are the establishment now whether we like it or not. Without Quo, bands like Sweet would certainly have found it more difficult to change from being perceived as a “singles” band to an “album” band ie Pop to Rock. Somebody had to pave the way and that was Status Quo. I am proud to know you and look forward to our next meeting somewhere “on the road”.

It is also a year ago that Spike made himself comfortable in my house. It was below zero then as it is now and he is curled up in front of the fire as usual. We have come to an understanding and tolerance of each other but deep down I’m sure he loves me in his own way (and I him).

Happy New Year to all you Sweet people everywhere.

Andy (Ageless and not counting!)

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