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by Andy 24.12.2009
I am reading Richard Dawkins “The Greatest Show On Earth” at the moment. Evolution or Religion? Make up your own mind. A friend of mine asked recently ‘Why God had put most of the Earth’s resources in such troublesome areas?’, he has a point if you have faith. I am not convinced so I am settling uncomfortably on the fence. Whatever your belief, Christmas is a time for family and friends, especially the younger ones as I will experience next year when my granddaughter Sam comes to live with me. This momentous occasion will take all of my expertise and I am determined to rise to the challenge. She will have her parents here too but there will still be plenty of granddad time. She arrived in this world on my 60th birthday which will result in one hell of a party next year! I say all of this because we have performed at around 100 shows this year and though next year is beginning to look similar, I am determined to have a bit more time at home.

I would like to wish all Sweet fans everywhere a very merry christmas and a happy and prosperous (if that is possible) new year. Live each day as if it is the last, treat everyone as you would like to be treated, give a bit more than you take and finally - Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow……because that’s where the huskies go! (Frank Zappa)

I wish you good health because without it there is nothing,
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by Bruce 25.11.2009
First off I would like to apologise for the apparent bad grammar in my last blog but I can only say it was all fine when I wrote it but somehow it all ends up as one big paragraph.

Again I would like to thank everyone involved with the salvage operation that was this last Aussie tour and to say it was by far the most enjoyable that I have been involved in. That said I have noticed a few people had some complaints about the content of the shows and I would like to explain a few things without getting into any conflict with anyone as I respect the fact that everyone who has paid their money has a right to voice their opinion . The problem we have here is that this is a business whether people like it or not and when you ask the question is it all about the money well the simple answer is yes. That is not meant to sound mercenary but at the end of the day the promoter is the person who puts up the all the money in advance to expedite the tour and takes a great risk in doing so and therefor expects the band to do everything it can to help get a return on that investment so I’m afraid playing obscure songs that the vast majority of the crowd have never heard of simply doesn’t make any sense.

The reality is we are not here to educate or enlighten people,  that is the purpose of an album when it is originally released, we are here to entertain people and, as Hong Kong Mick  ( a man wise beyond his years ) has already said, most people who are now middle aged are just not that interested in songs they don’t know , sorry but that is true . Maybe you could think of it like going into work tomorrow and start doing things that neither your employer nor your customers actually want and then see how long you have a job. That’s the bit that’s often overlooked , this is our job it’s not a hobby. That said we love to stick in the heavier stuff when we can but all that would have been achieved in this instance would have been to squander a great opportunity to build for the future and the possible end of touring in Australia.

Again I’m not saying anyone is wrong if they disagree with what I’ve said and I don’t want to start an argument I just want to try and explain why we do what we do and hope that in the future we can expand the shows once we have solid foundation to work from.

I hope that explains things a bit.
Bruce bisland Sweet blog photo
by Bruce 20.11.2009
Greetings from Melbourne, we are half way through our revised tour of Oz and loving every minute . Can I just clear up any rumours that have been flying about. This tour was not in any way cancelled or re-scheduled by the band we are fine thank you. It is simply down to a very young and inexperienced agent who bit off more than he could chew and then bailed out leaving some people who had invested a lot of time and money high and dry, and I include ourselves in that as we had kept a whole month clear for this added to the fact that we had already bought our air tickets.

So I am very sorry for everyone in Australia who has missed out this time but the silver lining in this case is that two sets of promoters came forward to salvage what they could, that is why we are doing the Adelaide and Melbourne parts of the tour, but more importantly we have found some great people to work with for the future. I know people can’t understand why we don’t just add more shows now that we are out here but believe me it’s not that simple.

Anyway, with that explained , let me just say we are having a great time and Adelaide was blast and I have to thank everyone at
Star Entertainment but especially Amanda for refusing to let this go. We had a fantastic three days with a sold out show and a trip to the Barrossa Valley wineries on my birthday ,                NOICE !!!!!      but seriously the audience were fantastic and we stayed after the show to sign stuff and speak to what seemed like the whole crowd.

Now that we are in Melbourne the great gigs continue and the crowds really appreciative and again I must thank Frank at
Premier Artists for keeping the faith. We are staying in our favourite place St Kilda which is a real laid back beach suburb and I’m trying really hard not to sample too much of the lovely food and marvellous beer.


Ta Ta for now
Andy Scott Sweet Blog photo
by Andy 06.10.2009
When you trade stories with fly fishermen and the River Test is mentioned, everyone becomes glassy-eyed at the thought of a days’ fishing on such hallowed water. Therefore imagine my joy when I was given such a day for my 60th Birthday. This was a present from the 60 fans/friends who attended my afternoon session/celebration at the Robin 2 on June 19th (see previous blog) and the look on my face said it all.

Well, after a date change then a beat change, we finally cast lines, a bit late in the season though nonetheless enjoyable, on Monday 28th September at Kimbridge, a revered place in fly fishing history. English chalk streams are the envy of the fishing world and as we “
walked the water”, something I would recommend to any angler, we were spellbound. This is a place where life is put on hold and the only thing that matters is you and the fish.

There are a few methods used in fly fishing but dry fly is considered the sporting gentleman’s choice on the Test and so it was. A Royal Wulff actually. We rose several fish and took away a brace of brown trout each as our limit and sadly, the fishing over, made our way to the Mayfly pub to consider the day. As we chatted, stories were exaggerated and naturally, the fish that got away even more so.

I thank every one of you once again for the most thoughtful and wonderful present and look forward to another days’ fishing soon. The Test, however, is special and I want to keep it that way.

With thanks from Andy and the Rock and Roll Fly-fishers.
Bruce bisland Sweet blog photo
by Bruce 04.08.2009
My it’s been a hectic couple of months , I should be a stick insect by now but have no fear dear blogee you can be assured that I have kept my stamina up and my portly physique in shape by the rigorous application of the amber-cure-all diet.

We had a lovely trip a few weeks back when it took twelve hours to get from southern Germany up to the middle of Sweden, how we all laughed as we went from mini-bus to plane then another plane and finally a five and a half hour bus drive then straight to stage. If anyone thinks being in a band is just one long party I would recommend they try it for a couple of weeks.

The next installment of Suicide Tours Inc had us in four counties in four days including a double show, one in Germany and one in Austria, on the last day. In order to achieve this we had to travel in a private plane which was very nice but maybe the two parties involved should have actually spoken to each other.

Unfortunately we arrived at Linz airport and the people from Austrian television, who were promoting the last show, were at Wells airport. Fortunately these two places were not that far apart but it still involved a police escort and a very hairy bus ride to make up some time but it still meant going straight to stage once again. The best bit was the hotel room that night which we didn’t see till after the show. I have never seen such a big bath inside a building, it was also a jacuzzi , about the size of a garden hot tub.

There is a short video myself and Mr O’Hora reviewing the standard of the room ,with tongues firmly in cheek and more than a few beers inside us, which I have put on my
facebook site but if anyone can tell me how to get it on here I will upload it ( it makes me laugh anyway ).
Onwards to Australia
Andy Scott Sweet Blog photo
by Andy 28.07.2009
If I had been asked the question - What would be your perfect birthday? - my answer would have been so wide of the mark. Here follows a summary of my 60th celebrations, both official and actual, which spanned almost 2 weeks!
The Robin 2 at
Bilston on 19th June was chosen as the venue for all Sweet afficionados to come and help me through to my milestone. The afternoon session, my ramblings on an acoustic guitar and footage from early Sweet and even earlier Elastic Band, was well received by the “60″ specially invited guests and at this point I must thank both Kevin Smith and Stewart Roney for their input and organisation. Also a big thank you to Mike and all his staff at the Robin 2 for their part in the smooth running of the event.

The evening show was a near 2 hour “
Blockbuster” and I hope everyone has forwarded their footage (yes we allowed filming) to Stew or Kev, whatever the quality or content - in fact the stranger the content the better! A huge thank you to Bruce, Pete, Steve, Damian and Adam for their performance, patience and good spirit during the day. Thus ended my “official” Sweet Birthday!

The following week was spent gigging and travelling through Germany, a few more celebrations later with our Deutsche fans left me in need of a break. Sunday 28th - a night off to recuperate so went down to my local so they could wish me a happy birthday. Well I am reminded that this age thing only happens once in your life - the big day looms.

On the day I woke up in Dorset after a low key dinner the previous evening with friends, to find out that I was now a grandfather for the first time but maybe not the last. This was fantastic news, baby Samantha (Sam) now has a connection with her grandfather that is unbreakable. My son Damian, his wife Olga and Sam will be coming to live with me in the area of the house which was once my Recording Studio - I can think of no better use of the space and I’m looking forward to that day.

Spinal Tap - Wembley Arena - 30th June “One Night Only World Tour”.

During the drive up to London I got a phone call from a lovely guy called Steve at Live Nation, Tap’s promoters, asking if I would be willing to get on stage with them at the show - after a couple of heart thumping moments I managed to find myself agreeing and that seemed to be that. We arrived and immediately bumped into Keith Emerson who I hadn’t seen for years, we were then duly taken to the Green Room where we met Justin Hawkins from
The Darkness. He was going to appear on stage too which made us both more relaxed. The Backstage Bar before the show was highlight too, Phil Jupitus and Bill Bailey plus Kevin Eldon (Bill’s comedy partner) were there in good form. I found myself in “fan” territory, these guys are the best comedians live and on the box at the moment and we’re having a ball.

The show started with ”
Tap” appearing as their own support act, The Folksmen (A Mighty Wind) then transforming themselves for the second half into Spinal Tap. Someone backstage had already briefed me that it would probably not be possible for a photo with the guys dressed as Tap because the costume changes were difficult etc blah blah. Understandable but not totally impossible as we found out. The finale, pre-encore song “Big Bottom” got me onto the stage playing bass alongside Justin and Steely Dan’s bassist, Kenny Washington. The song is performed with bass guitars only and I joked with the real bass player, Kenny that he should take care of the dusty end of the instrument ie up the top end of the neck. This was a magical moment for me and has set a bench mark of things achieved.

It wasn’t quite over yet, as we made our way backstage I was stopped by Michael McKean (David St Hubbins) who told me that it had been a pleasure for him to have me on stage because “
Love is Like Oxygen” was one of his all time favourite records, in fact he bought the single. That was music to my ears. We then headed off to the bar, made a wrong turn and ended up in Tap’s dressing room with Christopher Guest (Nigel Tufnell) and Harry Shearer (Derek Smalls). After a quick sorry we were invited to stay and when Michael came in I had to get the proverbial photo with them. Unbelievable night - the “actual” birthday.

As I said at the beginning to have had such an eventful birthday which just snowballed and happened as if by fate was incredible. I made it. Thanks to my family and friends, especially Sweet fans/friends for their support throughout my 45 years as a musician. I couldn’t have done without you.

Andy Scott Sweet Blog photo
by Andy 07.04.2009
When I was congratulated last week on the success of my new musical “Blokbusta” I had to investigate, after all it was April 1st! A friend of mine is the author and he had asked me to write a prologue for the programme, I also attended the opening but that is where my involvement ends.

Of course the show is full of Sweet songs and many others from the Glam-era. Apparently The Times reviewed “
Blokbusta” and that is how I got the message. The review wasn’t too good but that isn’t important because it was in The Times and that in itself is what matters not the content. “There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about and that is not being talked about” - Oscar Wilde. How true.

I then got to thinking if the review doesn’t matter then why bother. There was a time in New York on Broadway when a new play/musical could stand or fall by certain critics reviews. Times were very different and communication fairly limited so a bad review in the New York Times meant something. These days communication is not a problem - in fact reviews can appear on the internet within minutes of the event - in fact we have had reviews of our gigs before we have got back to our hotel!

So who can be a critic today, well we all can of course. We all have opinions and that is where the problems start. I love Art, Opera, Theatre etc but there is no way I could be a reviewer because my opinion is exactly that and so it goes. Anyway I digress, the success of a musical like “
Blokbusta” no longer lies in the hands of the critic so if the music of the 70s is your thing, go and see it while it is still running and make up your own mind.

FYI - the review of “
Ballroom Blitz” in the N.M.E (enemy) was just two words “Unadulterated Rubbish” - it went on to sell almost 2 million and hung around the BBC charts at number 2 for 6 weeks beaten to the number 1 spot by “Eye Level” (Van der Valk TV theme) - “Blitz” actually went to number 1 in the N.M.E chart!

Andrew Scott - 59 years and 9 months

ps - see you at the
Robin in June where we can have a pre-birthday celebration.
Pete Lincoln Sweet Blog photo
by Pete 20.03.2009
I don’t know if you are familiar with this small innocuous gents’  shaving accessory. Before the advent of the safety razor, it was an essential part of a shaving kit.  In the event of a small nick or cut, a dab with the old styptic pencil would stem the flow of blood – although it does impart a bit of a sting – just like magic!  I don’t know how it works and I don’t care – it just does.

I always carry one of these little demons in my wash bag and it has come to my rescue on numerous occasions.  Recently however I found myself away from home and standing in front of a bathroom mirror with my weapon of destruction in my hand . . . yes - my bloody razor of course - what else?!  (By the way aren’t those magnifying mirrors found in many hotel bathrooms – you know, the ones with the light in them - scary f***ers?   I always seem to have hairs growing out of my  ears and nose that definitely aren’t there when I’m at home!) Anyway – I digress . . .

Suddenly disaster struck and I nicked myself just under my nose.  Pain!  Blood!  No problem – reach for the styptic stick.  Nowhere to be found. Oh Hell!  Show time less than an hour away.  Ah well, just have to resort to wandering around the room for ten minutes with a piece of tissue stuck to my face.  Glam eh??

Of course, once attached, this is easily forgotten about and I settle back to watch TV.  So, cut to a few minutes later when I happen to catch sight of myself in the mirror.  The tissue, now saturated with blood, has dried out completely and stuck fast to my face.  Oh F**k!

Grimacing into the aforementioned magnifying mirror, I gingerly try to prise the tissue away from the wound.  Almost . . . bugger!  I’m bleeding again – and worse, it seems, than before.  And this is where the madness takes over.  I search through my wash bag once again in the vain hope that the little styptic miracle was simply hiding from me earlier.  Then I see it.  Smiling up at me.  A Lynx roll-on deodorant!  I wonder . . .could it? . . would it work?

Desperate times call for desperate measures so I decided to give it a go.  Well!  PAIN! OW! PAIN!  Followed by a lot of swearing and some very bizarre naked leaping and dancing.

I can happily report that a Lynx roll-on deodorant will stop blood from a shaving cut more or less instantly.  But you better brace  yourself for a bit of a shock!

Next time – the effects of red chillis when applied as a remedy for haemorrhoids!
Andy Scott Sweet Blog photo
by Andy 06.03.2009
When the Millenium Dome was unveiled most people, me included, saw it as a white elephant until I paid a visit in 2002. I was amazed at the sheer size of the place and almost immediately realised that the “building” (ok tent!) had not yet found its forte. 2005 saw it unveiled as the O2 Arena and from there my view turned from scepticism to admiration (if only it were in West London). I have been to see many events now and apart from its location I am really taken with it especially O2 Indigo as a venue - I don’t go to many shows these days but Chick Corea and Return to Forever July 2008 is a true highlight . Last year I got an invite to view the “Tutankhamen” exhibition in the Bubble because this is where the BME was to make its home. BME is the British eqivalent of the American “Hall of Fame” and it has been a long time coming in my opinion.

So last night was the launch party for BME  and I went along with Jan Tucker to see how “Sweet” fitted into the equation. Mick’s “
Blockbuster” suit and my Gibson 335 looked great in a display case alongside Marc Bolan’s Flying V, Dave Hill’s “Yob” guitar and one of Suzi’s leather jumpsuits. We were amazed, it really is a great experience. I suggest you go asap! Apart from the exhibits there are so many interactive areas, so much so that we didn’t realise how time had flown, 2 hours later we left for the party and we’d only skimmed the surface. I met quite a few faces from my past, ranging from Kenny Ball (a young 79!) to Rat Scabies plus other band members of all shapes, sizes and age groups. I won’t spoil the finale but let’s just say it’s like being at all the great gigs all at the same time. BME will stand as a testament to British Music - Lonnie Donegan and Cliff and the Shadows, The Beatles and Stones, The Who and Led Zep, 70’s Glam Rock, Punk and 80’s New Romantics, 90’s Boy/Girl bands and the Noughties singer-songwriters, something for everyone.

British is still Best!

ps We got caught up in the “
Michael Jackson Experience” and had to wait to let him through the security gate. After 5 minutes and a few laughs the extremely likeable security chief lifted the barrier and said “he’s already kept everyone waiting for 90 minutes so who knows if or when he’s coming - in you go, sorry for the delay”. A very nice man.
Andy Scott Sweet Blog photo
by Andy 10.02.2009
I have a lot of books in my house, almost a library or a bookshop. I have also realised that many are unread which is unforgivable. So to put things right I am setting about this task by reading the John Gardner “Bond” books and this has left me with a dilemma. I read the original Ian Fleming novels in the 1960s and have subsequently returned to them on a regular basis so much so that I now have them as 1st editions (all bar Casino Royale, you would need a small fortune to buy this book). I always connected with Bond and therefore as a fictional character this was how I perceived myself (Bond, Sherlock Holmes, Number 6 etc) so why am I feeling more like Blofeld? Well Spike might have something to do with that.

Last summer Spike would visit during the morning coffee break on the patio, my son Damian would be reading the newspaper and Spike would sun himself whilst licking his nether regions. He would venture into the house and I would remind him that he didn’t live here but I am now very sure he didn’t get the message. Spike is quite a handsome tom-cat, tabby and white with a lot of attitude. Now I am not a cat person but I can’t turn any being away that needs help. Spike needed help when his owners moved away from our small community and he was left behind.

I am sure that I am not the only person who feeds him or gives him shelter but when I am at home so is he. I also now get the odd “present”, a headless rat etc, very nice. The recent cold spell has meant that we have spent more time in each others company than previously. So to the dilemma - friends down the pub (piss-takers) have commented that a man living alone (well ok with his son from time to time) with only his cat for company……now you get the picture - I am not Bond but Blofeld and I am not comfortable with it.
Andy Scott Sweet Blog photo
by Andy 16.01.2009
This Christmas and New Year was a bit different - I enjoyed the experience immensely. Having someone to play with helped. Christmas with my favourite inn-keeper (and family) and New Year in York with Suzi Q at the Theatre Royal Panto (Berwick Kaler’s 30th year!) with a visit to my family in Wales wedged in between. I drove a fair few miles so over indulgence wasn’t an option but quite honestly I feel better for it. First weekend in 2009 Bruce came to stay with his new “block of flats” on wheels (seriously his American Motor-home is as big as my old London flat!) - dogs and all - we terrorised my local pub - the dogs looked on in amusement and were very well behaved.

As the New Year trundled on the inevitable sad news of Dave Dee’s death from cancer hit me. I first met Dave and the “Dozies” in 1965 when I was in a support band (Missing Links?) playing at Connahs Quay Bath Hall. He was always supportive and always great company and even when diagnosed was always positive. When he was an A&R man at WEA we took a couple of his acts into the studio but sadly without success. Eventually we ended up playing together on many shows in Europe and putting the world to rights in the hotel bar afterwards. Dave, I will miss you my friend. I would also like to pay my respects to two more icons who passed away this week. Patrick McGoohan had a profound impact on me with his brilliant series “The Prisoner”. As a Welshman, his choice of location, Portmeirion, was genius. Likewise David Vine was from a golden era of Sports Anchormen. I was having dinner with his daughter and her new husband (a good friend of mine) last Saturday only to hear the sad news the next day. We are all mortal.

I am 60 this year! I keep telling myself it is only a number! My head understands but does my body? The plan is to have an event in the UK in the summer which will probably involve an afternoon get together followed by a gig in the evening. Stewart will have the details as soon as we can get it organised. We may film the day for posterity.

Sweet have come a long way in 40 years and we are still on the journey. Life’s too short for regrets so just get out and do the things you always dreamed of before it’s too late. I don’t know what 2009 holds but I’m looking forward to it.

Andy Scott (59 years 6 months)

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