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by Andy 13.06.2012
We had a small get together at the Kings Arms last night to pay tribute to all the local volunteers who participated [Grey, Yellow and White T-Shirts!] - Security, Stewards, VIP Marquee, Fencing/Outbuildings, Car Parking, Site Planning/Drawings, Ticket Outlets, Accountancy [and more] and of course the A-Team of Richard Baulu [Kings Arms Governor] and John Callis [Sir Paul's Sound Engineer] with a little help from yours truly. We reached our fund-raising target of 50k and therefore it will come as no surprise that everyone wants to do it all again next year so put the date in your calendars. I would just like to put in a little reminder here as to the aim of the concert in the first place - to raise awareness and funds in support of Prostate Cancer for Cancer Research UK and Above & Beyond for Bristol.

It is with immense pride that I now am able to thank the superstars who appeared on stage and the superb backstage ambience amongst all the musicians and crew. We have had fantastic unprompted emails from all the artists citing the event as one of the best shows they have performed at in ages. I totally agree. There were people I hadn't seen for years but it felt as if it was only yesterday and when they took to the stage, there was the proof of pedigree. Within the various band's crews were also guys who knew me from my days pre-Sweet [Elastic Band - hello Bison!] so a big thank you for the huge effort. Most of these guys were on call backstage at the Queen's Jubilee Concert a week later, so that may give some insight as to the professionalism on display.

Brian May & Kerry Ellis, Mike & the Mechanics, Midge Ure, Tom Robinson, Madeline Bell, Patti Russo, the FabbaGirls and my old mate Chris Thompson - I most humbly thank you! They were more than ably backed by the superb SAS All Stars and most of the musicians were seen on the Queen's Jubilee Concert behind Tom Jones and Robbie Williams. The Brass Section even made it onto the roof of the Palace with Madness. A big thanks also to The Dave Kelly Blues Band and The Acoustic Strawbs who gave the afternoon session a unique atmosphere which set up the evening's reverie perfectly. I had not seen Dave Cousins and the guys for ages and it was good to catch up.

The duties of compere were split between two of my favourite Radio DJs. There should have been three but the new Eastenders schedules prevented my old mucker Shane Richie from putting in an appearance [always next year!].  First up was my good friend from "local" BBC Radio Dan Chisholm who kept the crowd entertained as the beer ran out [not a good day for Wadworth] and I truly thank him for his time even though he was suffering with migraine. The icing on the cake was the attendance of Bob Harris. When I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer Bob was there for me. He had been through a similar experience a couple of years previously so having someone to talk to during my treatment was paramount. Thank you Bob. His appearance on stage brought the house down and rightly so. His speech and introduction of the Sweet on to stage brought tears to my eyes - in his own words he said that finally after all the years he could say "Ladies and Gentlemen - The Sweet!"

To say I was a little apprehensive taking the stage at this event with Sweet would be an understatement. It was as if I was in my back garden and could almost see where I live from the stage. Add to this the faces in the audience, all the locals were finally going to get to see what I do for a living! Scary! I needn't have worried and after "Hellraiser" when I said in true Spinal Tap mode "Hello All Cannings" the whole place erupted. The hard-core Sweet fans in the crowd were magnificent and this day will stay in my memory forever especially the finale - standing on stage playing alongside Brian May - life don't get much better than that.

See you next year!

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by Andy 23.05.2012
It has been two years in the planning but finally "Rock Against Cancer" is here. My good friend John "Grubby" Callis (Onstage sound for Sir Paul McCartney, Queen and most other A-listers) and Richard Baulu (landlord of the Kings Arms the event site) have worked wonders to bring such an array of stellar acts to a Wiltshire pub garden. In fact when Sweet hit the stage I will almost be able to see my own house - a bit like playing in my back garden to an audience of friends - nerve rattling to say the least.

The event is raising substantial funds for Cancer Research UK, Above and Beyond Bristol Oncology Centre and a few local amenities. Both John and I have had treatment for Prostate Cancer and raising awareness is a key factor in our endeavours. There has been a huge input from very knowledgable professionals in the Music Business whose expertise has come to us for free, added to this is the involvement of local people's expertise from security and stewards all the way through to health and safety, parking and fencing. It has been a monumental task pulling all of this together. All the acts appearing have donated their fees to the cause for which I personally thank each and every one.

I hope to see many familiar faces on Saturday, 26th May, smiling and having a good time - even the weather has perked up! The finale should be spectacular as long as we can get the cast of thousands on the stage!

Rock Against Cancer - Kings Arms, All Cannings, Wiltshire - 26th May 2012.

Thank you for your support.

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by Bruce 08.05.2012
Howdee  blogee,

Well the album is out and Oz is done and what great fun it has all been. As always the Aussie crowds were outstanding and all the gigs were a great success so a big thank you to everyone who came out to see us. It was my first trip to Tasmania and I have to say it was absolutely beautiful , very Nordic in it's landscape. Just as in our last two visits the trip was made even better by having our great friends , and co-promoters of the tour, Amanda and Johnny from Star Entertainment with us for some of the shows, a big thank you to them.

The album was also great fun to do and a bit of a voyage of discovery as to where we thought The sweet sound should be in the 21st century. We decided that, for our first recording, it would be better to concentrate on the feel and the sound of the music rather than getting involved in the whole writing thing which can often be protracted and divisive. The aim of the project was to have fun and enjoy the process while also getting an insight into what Sweet fans old and new are enjoying these days. In my humble opinion and I'm not biased, honest , I think we got the balance of modern and retro just about right.  We thought we would try a mix of old and new tracks and give them a Sweet makeover and I have to say , without getting my nose too brown , that for me the album really came alive after Andy laid down all the layers of guitar and the various sound textures. The net result of all this has been to get us all re-enthused about recording again and keen to get stuck in to some more, though I'm sure there is a lot of discussion ahead as to the content.

Things are looking busy for the rest of the year which is great and I'm really looking forward to contributing to the Rock Against Cancer show at the end of May as it is a subject close to my heart, my wife Tina is recovering from another operation to remove a cancerous tumour. Thankfully the operation was a great success and she is doing really well but it just reminds you how fragile life can be.

My food tip for today is cheese from Waitrose called Gamekeeper which is two types of cheese layered together , Shropshire blue and cheddar , lovely.
Barbecue season will be here soon if it ever stops raining, so more tips to follow.

Andy Scott Sweet Blog photo
New York Connection
by Andy 05.03.2012
The new Sweet CD is finished and I am told that it is already available for download via the usual outlets and CDs will be on sale at the live shows. The general consensus among the aficionados is a unanimous thumbs up. We as a band are pleased with the result and moreover it has captured the moment that bridges the past with the future. That distinctive Sweet sound spanning more than 40 years and still as identifiable today. All the essential ingredients, powerhouse guitars, bass and drums with soaring stratospheric vocals, New York Connection is, was and always will be Sweet.

Another tour down under beckons and it just gets better with every visit right now. Sweet has always had a great rapport with Australia and it doesn't look like diminishing which is good news for all. We will be performing songs from the new album alongside the usual hits and selected tracks from the extensive Sweet catalogue. "Are you ready - Perth - Adelaide - Hobart - Melbourne - Sydney?"

Now the personal stuff. My health is good so any ailments that come my way are not related to my previous encounter with the "Big C". Adventures in Caravan World have yet to be realised with the band's schedule making such plans a little difficult though hopefully not impossible. Granddaughter Samantha is growing up fast, really fast and can be heard singing "Join Together" and "Gold on the Ceiling" regularly around the barn. She has also more than mastered the art of conversation which usually includes the word "No". The interaction and atmosphere within the band has never been better which I hope comes across on stage and certainly is noticeable with the new recordings.

I was given an iPad for Christmas. A huge surprise for someone who said he didn't want or need anything but nonetheless extremely generous. Now my forays with modern technology have not always had too happy an ending especially with digital equipment. It wasn't until I got a Macbook that I realised that computers can be user friendly and don't crash [well not often] and don't get clogged up with viruses or spam. However recording on to digital was a different proposition. I fully understand the principles and as long as someone else is moving the cursor etc then things usually progress swimmingly. It is when I grab the controls that things take an interesting detour but I digress. So it is with immense pleasure to announce that I love my iPad. I have music apps that I can use - in fact there are a couple of sounds on the new CD - and let's not get on to the addiction of Angry Birds or Cover Orange {big thanks to Pete for that one]. So will life ever be the same - there is pre-iPad and post-iPad - which one is best? One of the few things that remain constant in this world is change so that may answer the question.

2012 is shaping up quite nicely. I wish everyone good health for the future and much happiness in these times of austerity.


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