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Happy Birthday Bruce
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Sweet Live Advent Album

This Christmas we are giving away an exclusive live album that no Sweet fan should be without.

A recording of a 2010 show, the album will be downloadable track by track on a time release basis throughout December, with each track being available for a limited period of two days only . . . a kind of audio advent calendar!

So track one will be available only on December 1 & 2, track two on December 3 & 4 etc., culminating on Christmas Day with track thirteen.

Don't miss out on this fab giveaway!

Brian Connolly Sweet

Brian Connolly was born 5th October 1945 and died 9th February 1997. He was only 51 years of age so to say he was too young to shuffle off this mortal coil would be an understatement. When I first met and joined the band, Brian in every sense of the word was a star and I have no doubt that if Sweet hadn't made it, he would have broken through as a solo artist and would eventually have been successful. He took me under his wing with a few nights out clubbing in London, my lips are sealed tight shut regarding these exploits but let's just say that had it continued there may have been further casualties within the band. It was much healthier to join the Tennis Club but not half the fun. He was the archetypal frontman, publicity followed him everywhere he went and he lapped it up. He recorded some of our early rehearsals on his portable cassette deck and would play them with pride to anyone and everyone. My best memories are from the time before the never-ending USA tours when we were all "normal", just a few lads having a laugh. Brian, if you were here today you'd still be a star and I for one, to make you smile, would drink to that.
Annual Sweet fan meet at Robin 2 Bilston

The new single Join Together will be released on Friday 7th October and be available to download from itunes, Amazon, Musicload & other online stores.
Join Together, is the first new studio recording from The Sweet in almost ten years and represents the starting point of a new lease of creativity from the band.
Annual Sweet fan meet at Robin 2 Bilston

We are delighted to announce the return of our good friend Tony O’Hora on keyboards, guitar and vocals.
Since his departure in 2005 Tony has never been far from the band as he has stood in for Pete on several occasions.
Rehearsals were great fun and the first show was an absolute blast so we are really excited about the future and getting back on the road with the new line-up.

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