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Tickets and Info available here:




Angel Air Records have released an updated version of New York Connection now with previously unreleased bonus tracks!

Available from:


Also available on Angel Air Records

Level Headed - Angel Air Records
Live at the marquee - Angel air Records
Hits - Angel Air Records
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andy scott angel air records
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A Message from Tony

G’day Aussie Sweet fans!
I am very disappointed to tell you that I won’t be able to perform with the band on the forthcoming Australian tour.
Many of you may be aware that my wife Manuela has been battling cancer over the last few years. She has undergone treatment over the past 3 years for her breast cancer and now sadly, the cancer has returned in her lungs and she is having intensive chemotherapy to try to combat it. Her treatment started in October and we were hoping that she would make good progress and that I would be able to come to Australia. Unfortunately, she has had some complications along the way and we finally had to decide that I couldn’t possibly be so far away for an entire month with her health at such high risk. Manuela is currently in hospital with pneumonia and I can’t imagine the stress that she would have been under had i been due to fly out in just a few days.
The great news is that our good friend
Paul Manzi will be joining the band for the Australian leg of the tour. Paul is a very talented musician and singer and I would like to personally thank him for stepping in at such short notice. I’m sure that the tour will be a great success as the band are sounding fantastic!
So, it is with regret that I tell you this (especially as I was looking forward to escaping the bloody English weather and enjoying some Aussie sunshine) but I know you will completely understand our current situation. So, get along to the shows, give Paul a great welcome and enjoy one of the best bands around!
For any European fans reading this, I will rejoin the band to start our European tour in Hamburg on April 3rd.
Keep rocking’

Tony O

the official Sweet channel


The official YouTube channel featuring classic material from the original line-up of Sweet is now online.
This collection is officially endorsed by Andy Scott and features the ultimate archive of re-mastered and restored versions of the Sweet's promo clips as well as classic TV performances from around the world.
Every month Andy Scott will present his "Song Of The Month" featuring brand-new and exclusive interview footage in which Andy recounts his personal memories of the recording and the story behind each song as well as playing some of his memorable guitar licks live.
The channel will be regularly updated with new content - so stay tuned.

Visit the channel here:

Subscribe here:

Pete Lincoln - Soul Searching

Soul Searching

is Pete's long-awaited solo release and showcases a variety of styles, rooted in the singer-songwriter genre. Sweet fans may be surprised, but definitely not disappointed, by this 'other side' to Pete's character, however those who have followed Pete's solo career, and his Human Juke Box shows will know just what to expect from this fine collection of self-penned songs.

Download from
ITunes or buy the CD from Amazon



On Friday Feb 14, we’ll be performing an exclusive gig for Wrexham Former Players Association, live at The Lion Quays Luxury Hotel & Spa, Oswestry. The cost is £40 pp, including three course dinner and welcome drink.

Wrexham FC - as most of you know - is very close to Andy’s heart, and this promises to be an absolutely cracking evening, but with only a few places left, you need to act NOW!

Tickets can be booked by calling at the Club Shop or sending a cheque made out to the Wrexham FC Former Players Association to the Club.

A special room rate has been arranged for those wishing to stay overnight - details form Ossie Jones 07854 949713.


Giants of Rock Festival Sweet 2014


“Giants Of Rock hits Butlin’s Minehead Resort in February and will feature a host of genuine legends of rock.”
This is a 3 day indoor festival with accommodation available.

For more info and tickets

Sweet Australian Tour 2014


We are absolutely delighted to announce our forthcoming tour of Australia, beginning in late February through March 2014.

We are really looking forward to returning to Oz for what will be our first 'country-wide' tour since 2004. With 20 shows, taking in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Darwin, Cairns and many more, we hope to see you there! 

Tickets are available from October 28 - see
tour page for details.

Sweet European Tour 2014


We are absolutely delighted to announce dates for our Satisfaction Guaranteed Club Tour for Spring 2014.
Following on from the success of the fantastically well-received
NYC Tour in 2013 we are taking in even more great rock venues in more territories with a hard-hitting new show.

We have a limited number of special VIP packages available which include access to soundcheck, meet & greet the band, photo opportunities
plus a fabulous merchandise pack  - a must for Sweet fans everywhere and definitely not to be missed!

  • New set featuring all your old favourites plus some new surprises
  • Superb range of brand new Sweet merchandise
  • Limited VIP tickets available including an exclusive goodies pack plus meet the band
  • More dates to be announced soon with more territories covered . . . check the website for details

Dates are on the Tour page so book your tickets NOW!

Sweet Tony O

Happy Birthday Tony!



Due to unforeseen circumstances it has been forced upon us to cancel tomorrow nights show in Stausee Kelbra.
Not wishing to dwell on the subject but this is due to serious family illness within the band and it was decided not to travel on compassionate grounds.
Our apologies to everyone for any inconvenience caused but we will do everything possible to perform at this show next year.

sweet charity poster 2014 london

Sweet Charity Gig in London 2013

For more information and tickets click here.

Sweet UK Poster 2013

Sweet & Slade UK Tour 2013

For more information and tickets click here.

Sweet - Live at the marquee - Angel air release 2013
andy scott - solo singles - angel air release 2013

Angel Air release 2 gems from the past.

Live at the marquee 1986

Back in the mid '80s
ANDY SCOTT guitarist, songwriter and producer was living in London carving out a new career for himself after forming SWEET who had no less than 13 UK Top 20 hit singles from 1971-1978 when he bumped into his old agent and from that meeting he decided to put together the next generation of the band.

MICK TUCKER on drums, PAUL MARIO DAY (ex IRON MAIDEN) on vocals, PHIL LANZON (URIAH HEEP) on keyboards and MAL McNULTY (SLADE) on bass and Andy of course on lead guitar. It was one hell of a line up and a band with a much harder edge which is where Andy had always been keen to take SWEET

'Live At the Marquee' was originally released in 1989 even though the concert had been recorded in 1986 prior to the Clubs closure in 1988. Two additional live tracks from that performance have been added as bonus tracks which are available for the very first time .



1. Action
2. Sweet FA
3. Love Is Like Oxygen
4. Restless
5. No You Don't
6. Guitar Seque
7. Someone Else Will
8. Drum Solo
9. Set Me Free
10. Ballroom Blitz
11. Fox On The Run

12. AC DC
13. Burn On the Flame

Andy Scott Solo Singles

Mention the name
ANDY SCOTT and 70's rock band SWEET immediately come to mind as the band notched up no less than 25 Hit Singles in UK, Europe,USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Andy also had a very successful solo career and it started with a song called 'Lady Starlight' which Andy had written for inclusion on Sweet's celebrated album 'Desolation Boulevard' and producer Mike Chapman decided to release it separately as Andy's first solo single and it charted in Germany, Australia and South Africa.

So for a brief period in the '80s Andy released a number of successful European singles before reforming his beloved Sweet which still perform today to packed audiences throughout Europe.


1. Krugerrands
2. Face
3. Gotta See Jane
4. Let Her dance
5. Suck It And See
6. Invisible
7. Never Too Young
8. Ulysses
9. Safety Net
10. Where D'ya Go
11. Lady Starlight
12. Krugerrmental
13. Be With You Soon
14. Galaxy (TV Theme)
15. Where D'Ya Go (demo)
16. Galaxy (demo)

andy scott 2013

Happy Birthday Andy!

Sweet at sweden rock again

Back at Sweden Rock this year!

SFA Revisited Live

Sweet FA Revisited

The original 1974 release of the 'Sweet Fanny Adams' album was a turning point for the band featuring, for the first time, more of a hard rock sound.  Here those classic tracks have been recaptured in concert with all of the raw energy that can only come from a live performance.

The album is exclusively available now from the website or from iTunes, with a full release to follow in 2013.

Bruce Bisland Birthday 2012

Happy Birthday Bruce!

NYC advert


2013 sees us commencing our
NYC World Tour in support of our latest studio album New York Connection.
Some might say that this long overdue, but we have had other touring commitments to fulfill  in 2012, and
we are now looking forward to getting out there to deliver more cuts from the album

The tour kicks off in Europe in March 2013, with more dates in other territories to be announced soon.


Tickets for the shows are available from Monday October 15th 2012 - so get in and GRAB 'EM NOW!

Sweet Tony

When Tony O'Hora rejoined Sweet last year it was a very happy occasion and a very happy band. We have gone from strength to strength with every show and your performance on the "new" CD "New York Connection" has set the very highest standards. Tony you have added a new energy to the band, we have had a great year and we're looking forward to what's in store for 2013. Bring it on!
So there is only one thing left to say - Here's Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday.

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We'd all like to wish Andy the very best for his birthday . . .  having now stopped counting!  We're absolutely delighted that he seems to be back to the full rudeness of health - no pun intended, enjoying touring and having a great time on the road with the lads.  Long may it continue!  What's another year anyway??


Austrian Judgement

“The end result according to the final Court of Appeal is that copyright and intellectual property protection in Austria is far short of what it should be.”
So said our Austrian lawyer after the final appeal was lost, all I could manage was "You win some, you lose some".

Question - Why would anyone sue a true fan for selling one CD on the internet? No I'm not looking for the answer because the question is rhetorical. The CD in question is a rough recording of the original hits by an unknown cover band but has info and photos on the sleeve to lead you to believe it is the Sweet. Nobody is disputing that the CD is an illegal item with several judgements against it in other parts of Europe but for this case to be judged on the rights of an individual to sell the item rather than the illegality or not of the item has tested the boundaries of what is right and what is wrong. I know where I stand but the world as we know it is changing so fast that it seems there is very little protection for any artistic copyright any more, certainly in Austria. Where does that leave us? Well most music is available for free on the net should you have the wherewithal to search it out. Very soon the only place where you will be able to buy a physical disc/CD that is not a fake is from the artists own website or at a show. We have Trade Marks and the good name of Sweet to protect [with the lawyers supposed know-how] and during the past 10 years have tried to keep the internet free of rogue CDs and the like. All of this is done with one aim - Quality. This latest judgement will not change our endeavours but we will all have to be vigilant in the future. I may not be i-Tunes' biggest fan but at least you get to "demo" the tracks so you could do worse.

In the end this judgement will not change much. It might have a few luxury goods manufacturers, watches, clothing etc, looking over their shoulders for the "fakes" on-line but generally if the law is not seen to protect then the future for all creativity is not good.

It is a funny old world - one week we're raising a substantial amount at the "Rock Against Cancer" concert and the press showed little interest then a couple of weeks later we're seen to be losing a substantial amount in a court case in Austria and the press are all over it. This is obviously the new "Feelgood Factor" in the media everyone is talking about.

Rock against cancer - The Sweet

Check out the May issue of Classic Rock ( the one with ACDC on the cover ) for a nice interview with Andy talking about the new album.

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Rock against cancer - The Sweet

We are delighted to announce the "Concert At The Kings" show, taking place on Saturday 26th May.  The open air gig is in aid of Cancer Research UK, a charity close to all our hearts, and promises to be an absolute corker with special guest stars and major surprises!

As there is no Robin 2 show planned for 2012, this will be
the show to attend for fans from near and far.

For ticket and line up information please check the website:

Happy Birthday Peter

Happy Birthday Pete!!

The Sweet - New York Connection New Album 2012


New York Connection, the brand new studio album is now up and ready for you to download from iTunes and will soon be available as a hard copy CD from our website.

The collection of covers and classic tracks is full of little gems and surprises, stamped right through the middle with a vibe and sound that is unmistakably

It's already receiving rave reviews from those fans who've been quick off the mark - so grab it now!

The band is in the final stages of preparation for their Australian tour, and really looking forward to performing tracks from the new album. Australian fans will also be the first to bag a signed copy of the physical CD!

The Sweet on Tour in Australia 2012
andy and cal in the studio


Tour dates for the first half of 2012 are now up on the tour page, first stop Australia.

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SWEET 100% LIVE 2010

Did you miss a track? Did you jump on the bandwagon too late? Is your album incomplete? Fear not!
The entire album will be available for download for one week only form 09:00 a.m January 1st 2012.
This is your last opportunity to grab it . . . don't miss it!

catch 44 - fox on the run

Catch 44

'Fox on the Run' is featured in the Tarantino esque movie 'Catch 44'.

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